Monday, February 14, 2005

Dia Beacon

Went to Beacon yesterday with Mairead to read for Kazim Ali's Nightboat Books. Stopped at Dia of course, which was amazing. The Louise Bourgeois made me queasy, not in a bad way, but a definite physical reaction. Robert Ryman was inspiring in terms of what he was investigating, but looking at the white on white on white on have to wonder. Or at least I did. But I loved this idea, from the essay provided:

"Ryman's aesthetic practice is further illuminated by his observation in the late 1960s that "there is never a question of what to paint, but only how to paint. The how of painting has always been the image—the end product."3 For his part he has "wanted to make a painting getting the paint across"—meaning getting paint literally across the surface and, more idiomatically, getting it across as an idea.4"

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