Saturday, March 12, 2005

Scope Art Fair, Flatotel NY

Frederico Guida was my favourite discovery last night. This wasn't his best painting, but I neglected to bring my digital. There was a series of portraits like this, of people in his neighbourhood in San Marino, Italy. Absolutely burning. The actual brushstokes are much more precise than the quality of this photo (lifted from the exhibit site) shows.
What fun--six floors of a hotel in mid-town turned into one big international gallery. Each room devoted to a different artist/gallery, so it's like going from Frankfurt to Miami, Toronto to Paris, and seeing art on the walls, sculpture on beds, photographs hanging from clotheslines in bathrooms. By the way, Flatotel looks to be not a bad stay for mid-town, though why anyone wants to stay in mid-town is beyond me. I guess it's exciting, but expensive, otherworldly, and so noisy and bright, but yes, I suppose it's a bit of a rush.
Afterward drinks at The Algonquin--that bastion of good service and mediocre cocktails. Quite a world apart from the sharp edges of the altern-a-art world, but a great mid-town oasis.

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