Thursday, March 17, 2005

The text is the text is the text

Attended a master class at the Julliard on Tuesday with James Conlon, principal conductor of the Paris Opera. A pleasure listening to up and coming sopranos and tenors, and to hear his critique of their performances. Refreshing to note the similarities of disciplines: close reading, close reading, close reading. What does the word mean? What is the music saying? These were his two main themes. One, that the words themselves offer enough clues as to how to sing them, and two, that the orchestration offers what other clues a singer might need. So, pay attention to the word and to the line...good advice for a poet, playwright, or novelist as well. Here are a few of my favourite lines:

"Just in case you were wondering, Mozart does not need pruning..."

"Thank you Mr.__ for pointing out the sound of a double t and a double r. The problem is there is neither a double t nor a double r..."

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dirty brunette said...

Loving your doll fixation as always... Not to pry, but you're doing grad work in Creative Writing over there or ??? I mean, what with all the workshops and culture and talk of narrative...
not that i'm not in agreeance though, narrative with photos is most definitely underrated.