Friday, May 13, 2005

Laura Riding

Wow. How had I missed this woman? I have just come into possession of the collected poems, the stories, a reader, a biography...a wealth of material all published by Persea. I don't know anything about her, other than Hogarth Press apparently published her first book. So, already I'm intrigued. This from Anarchism Is Not Enough:
When the baby is born there is no place to put it: it is born, it will in time die, therefore there is no sense enlarging the world b so many miles and minutes for its accomodation. A temporary scafflolding is set up for it, an altar to ephemerality--a permanent altar to ephemeraltiy. This altar is the Myth. The objectr of the Myth is to give happiness: to help the baby pretend that what is ephermeral is long as he can go on pretending that it is permanent he is happy. (Reader 71)
I guess that goes doubly for me...

What I gather about Riding from the few people I've heard mention her is that she was difficult. Not a good quality in a woman then, and still, apparently. How dull that male poets get to be assholes, and admired for it! Hell, made famous for it! But "difficult" women are still considered intolerable!

I suppose I'll have more to report on the subject after I've actually waded through all of these books.

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