Friday, May 13, 2005

New Woody Allen movie

Oh, Woody! Apparently he has a good movie on his hands...and just in case you were wondering why he keeps making so many movies:

"It's not habit. It's not for the money. It's a distraction. In my regular life, I'm consumed by depression, anxiety and terror. When I'm making a movie I get to live in a fantasy of beautiful women and charming men speaking amusing dialogue. Then when I return to real life, it's a terrible time."

Someone asked if the movie's dark conclusion implied Allen was cynical about justice.

"I think that I'm cynical in general, but for me cynical is reality, with a different spelling."

I wondered why Allen was caught up in plot all the time. It isn't just a patina of charm, it's a puzzle of intention that keeps the mind occupied. Fair enough.

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