Friday, July 01, 2005

140 years of Jesus

I'm sure this group show was timed for Billy Graham's Crusade to save the heathens of NY. Apparently he converted thousands out there in Queens, or wherever he was. I'll be he didn't get any mermaids! Anyhow, this show, titled 150 years of Jesus in Photography or something (I'll confirm as soon as I find my notes!) was the highlight of the day for me. These were a few of the best shots, and most surprising. There were some others that I liked--Arbus for instance, and Orlan's face of Jesus in a bloody bandage--but these stood out. Whoever curated this show did a fabulous job.
NOTE: The above photo is a detail from the Annie Lebovitz photo. Details for the show:
BRUCE SILVERSTEIN GALLERY 535 W 24th St 10011, 212/627-3930,, Mon-Fri 10-6. Through Jul 29:
Jesus Christ Superstar: 140 Years of Jesus Christ in Photography.

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