Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Art Bar, Toronto

Karen Solie and Paul Dutton last night. Solie read from her new book Modern & Normal, due out from Brick this fall. Of course an excerpt from that book is available now in OPEN FIELD which is out in stores as I write this. Solie is one of the poets who came down to New York for the book launch.

I had never heard Paul Dutton read before. In fact I had little idea about his history (shameful I know), and his work, which I readily admitted here, and to him. Ah, he says, I didn't have any idea who the line up for the Scream was. How can you keep up? True enough, but he is an important Canadian poet (one of the Four Horsemen!!!) and I hang my head... Enough said. Mea culpa. He's a great reader--energetic and booming. Started off with a few pieces by bp Nichol which I appreciated having never heard Nichol read myself. I'm going to try and make the opening of a group show including Dutton's work tomorrow night at the Londsale Gallery. There is also work from Christian Bok, Steve McCaffery, Darren Wershler-Henry and others:
Metalogos, meaning “after words” or “beyond words”, is an international touring-exhibition of Canadian intermedia and language-based, contemporary art blurring the borders of poetry, music, and visual art. The Metalogos exhibition features objects, bookworks, video, installations, and audio-recordings. While the entire exhibition is intended as a formal presentation of cross-disciplinary practices, the individual pieces selected for this exhibition are specifically chosen to create a dialogue between materials and media in a celebration of language.

Featured Artists:
Christian Bok, Paul Dutton, Nobuo Kubota,
Beth Learn, Steve McCaffery, Sylvia Ptak,
W. Mark Sutherland, Francesca Vivenza,
Darren Wershler-Henry

Lonsdale Gallery
410 Spadina Road
Toronto, Canada M5P 2W2

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