Friday, July 01, 2005

Cindy Sherman, new work at Metro Pictures

Cindy Sherman has new work in a group show at Metro Pictures in NY. This series reminds me of her earlier work, and it was one of my favourite shows in Chelsea last week. She achieves absolute transformation. The gesture is familiar from other work, and there's something sort of retro about it--both modern and absolutely unhip at the same time. Very rustic backdrop, bright lighting, crude in a way. The variety of characters moves outside of predictable zones. Check out the slideshow of a few of my favourites.

This show was a lot more successful than the clown show last year (there is a post on that earlier). Here's an interview she did with the Tate about the clowns.

Other people in the show were less impressive. A photographer with an incredibly pedestrian eye and not doing anything with that either. Not sure which one he was and can't find a sample of his work on line. The other less than impressive inclusion was Mike Kelley's series of collages that, well, this is the kind of thing
that gives art a bad name.

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