Saturday, July 16, 2005

Difference between Poetry and Prose

The question of the difference between poetry and prose is a persistant one, and an important one to wrestle with at some point in any reader or writer's lifetime. I'm always interested in finding the edge of whatever genre I'm engaged in at the moment, whether it's a script or a poem. To my mind there is a wide range of writing within each genre, and then a range in between those ranges... Perhaps a better way to say it is, there is "pure" poetry and "pure" prose, and then the wild frontier between the two. Pure is a dangerous word. I could say "conventional", but I suspect any word I chose would be problematic. We can argue about what is or isn't prose, and we can argue about what is or isn't poetry (or drama or whatever) and we all love to argue about writing (or art, or...) that exists outside of our understanding. This isn't necessarily a discussion I want to spend much time on. Unless there's a way to make it productive and positive. I would rather be part of a discussion that is defining what it's doing than what it isn't doing!

On the other hand, while this frontier is what I'm interested in at the moment, it's only one of many strands of inquiry. All valid in their own ways...

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