Thursday, September 15, 2005

Beckett on Film

Juliet Stevenson in Play
Rosaleen Linehan as Winnie in Happy Days, directed by Patricia Rozema

What an amazing feat! I stumbled upon this preparing for my playwriting workshop. I wanted to show Happy Days, one of my favourite Beckett plays, which we are reading along with Canadian playwrights Sally Clark and Morris Panych. Found a vintage version of it, but also discovered the following. Turns out someone has had the brilliant notion to film all of Beckett's plays in one year. Different casts, different directors, but an over-riding vision in terms of production values and packaging. You can actually own them all. In a box. Can you believe it? What wonders? I am still in shock. And can I tell you how bloody excellent they are? The ones I've seen that is because there are 19 of them and not all available at the Rutgers library (in fact yes they are so will follow up next week). Meanwhile I did get a sneak preview of each of them in the dvd I saw earlier (yes, this evening), which recounts the making of the films and snippets of each (except for Breath, which I suppose might be unfair to include a snippet of since the entire piece is less than a minute?) and also a few whole productions such as Waiting for Godot which is brilliant and also Not I with Julianne Moore. Unfortunately only snippets of Happy Days directed by Patricia Rozema... The one I really am most intrigued by is Play, which for some reason I knew nothing about prior to seeing this dvd. I'm making a slide show of images from these pieces. I couldn't resist. I was absolutely blown away.

Theatre! God, I've missed theatre!!! Here's my slideshow.

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