Sunday, September 25, 2005

George Bowering & rob mcennan

For a quick Bowering study do check out the feature edited recently by rob mclennan on Jacket. New poems, others entering into his poems, even a conversation circa 1979, as well as a review of Bowering's Changing on the Fly, a collection of his lyric poems published by that most lyric of poetry publishers, Raincoast Books. Bowering has published everything from poetry to history. He is a well-rounded literary presence and was Canada's first Poet Laureate. Bowering is to western Canada what mclennan might be for eastern Ontario--prolific, omni-present, irreverent, and multi-talented. Big shoes to fill, if indeed that is the goal. Do check out Jacket--and while you're there, take a look at the Erin Moure poems.

For more on mclennan check out his blog, and among other sites. The blog is ever-changing, and tends to cover a fairly wide slice of Canadian poetic activity--where does he get the time? There are mini-reviews and round-ups, and an ever-increasing number of links. A great blog to keep track of all things Canadian. is updated quarterly and includes pieces from other Canadian poets. There's a little more meat on the offerings here, and it's a great addition to the Canadian Literary scene. Oh, and just to keep things consistant, I might mention that there was a great little essay on translating Pessoa by Moure a few issues back. Well worth a look.

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