Thursday, September 22, 2005

Poem by Erin Moure

It came to me this evening as I was on the basketball court. Erin Moure! You haven't thought of Erin Moure in a while now and you didn't put that poem up on Lemon Hound like you wanted to! Why would anyone think of Erin Moure while on the basketball court? Is it because she is tall? Because she has the moves in a line? A quick change, the slam dunk of--oh ya, you thought you saw that coming did you?

So, I pulled out Search Procedures, and then A Frame of the Book, and O Cidadan, and then Little Theatres, because the poem I wanted was in Little Theatres and here it is now:


I have a little dog of water
It is just a little peg
my dog of water

Do you see it
so worn down across the field
nosing low in the bended grasses?

It is my dog of water.
Each leaf of grass dips a scarf into its passing.

Even the grass today is running.
Even the grass today touches the dog of water.

Erin Moure, from Little Theatres

But then I got to looking at the other ones too, and time passed and I thought, why didn't I think of Erin Moure when I was looking at Beckett? And why don't I think of Beckett more when I read Erin Moure? And so I did. And that is what I'm off to do more of now. I'm going to watch Breath, and Play, and maybe even End Game, and I'm going to read Little Theatres and Sheep's Vigil once again. And if you follow that link you can hear Moure reading from Sheep's Vigil for a Fervent Person, which is one of my all time favourite books of poetry. Aside from all of Moure's other books, and well, Lisa Robertson's, and Anne Carson's, and well, okay, still it's one of my favourite books.
And of course you can also find Moure (and the others!) in Open Field. See slideshow for more shots of her, and others reading here in NY, see here.