Saturday, October 22, 2005

Literary Insight of the Week

"Oh, she's pretty sarcastic. But think of her situation." So says Atwood of Penelope in the newly published Penelopiade, which I will flex my credit card muscle in purchasing this week and get back to you on. It’s this marketing ploy that’s of interest to me. Books of ideas, theories, history, and now myth have appeared in bite sized portions, designed, I’m guessing to get a new generation of readers interested in the idea of classics, but more importantly the concept of “collecting” and “matching books” on shelves. A lovely decorating idea if nothing else. I’m all for this. Get out the designers, lets make books the size of iPods, and if possible, market lines of hip-hop coloured shelves the shape of CD racks. I’m thinking a little lava lamp and a well chosen font and mama Atwood is going to bring it on home… I can see those dorm rooms transforming as I write this… Kaching.

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