Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The TS Review

The T.S. Review is the latest offering from our London correspondent of culture and all things poetic. A diligent and inexhaustible poet, Swift is the author of three books of poetry, the most recent being rue du regard. Recently he edited a section of Canadian poetry for New American Writing--a great selection by the way, with poets ranging from Lisa Robertson to Nathalie Stephens; Carmine Starnino to Jason Camlot, Christian Bök to Stephanie Bolster. Very exciting work and part of Swift’s ongoing ambassadorial role for Canadian poetry.

You have to admire Swift’s energy and enthusiasm. He is a thoroughly modern, old-school gentleman poet, a romantic, with a streak of the dandy, a streak of Wilde in dress and manner. He likes to publish, be published, and promote poetry. And he achieves this with a steady hand and many projects on the go. Including this blog, which is—as the title suggests—a review, featuring poets (Anne Waldman and yours truly recently) as well as commentary about contemporary cultural events, films, readings, etc. For those of us who only pine for the mossy isle, this is a good way to keep up on events—and perhaps a little more widely represented than some of the more conservative UK publications.

And we do need more varied news of the UK poetry scene. I’m still in shock at the conservative showing in “The New British Poetry”. Really? New??? I’m hoping Swift will lead us to some innovative British sites. I know they’re out there.

Speaking of innovative British poetry, Caroline Bergvall's new book out from Salt this fall. I can’t wait! She will be at the Kootenay School of Writing in Vancouver this fall, and I hear she’s coming through NY in November?? Hear her here.

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