Monday, November 28, 2005

Film bites

Derrida, The Movie is not what you would expect. At least in terms of the filmmakers themselves who often seem a bit buffoonish. But Derrida is so incredibly charming and energetic it more than makes up for their clumsiness…a must see. In fact perhaps a must-own.

Another must see is Capote, a gripping tale of moral intrigue. For nearly the entire movie I forgot that I was watching Philip Seymour Hoffman. He only popped up on one or two occasions—one, a crying scene that recalled Magnolia. The town scenes were so slow, but so achingly well crafted that they gave one the illusion they had literally entered into the 1960s. Katherine Keener was a pleasant surprise as Harper Lee and made me hungry for more about the author herself. But the real star was Hoffman of course, and the question of ethics, writing, and “genius”.

One to miss: the latest Pride And Prejudice. What a bore. Some of the supporting cast was good, but the director ought to be roundly pummeled. Blach. When will people learn that a scene, or a line of poetry for that matter, is not imbued with meaning just because its lingered over. Kiera, go watch Capote. The only reason to make it through this is Darcy. Matthew Macfadyen, the young man who plays him was excellent and the only thing that kept me watching. There have been some positive reviews of this in Time Out & elsewhere. Really? Go figure.

One I can’t wait not to see: Rent. Nope. Not even tempted.

One I'm curious about--Johnny Depp playing Rochester, the most notorious rake of all time? Yes, he was great in Before Night Falls, and yes, he did the pirate thing, but this is Rochester, this is John Malcovich territory, can he pull that off? Does he have the depth and grit for that? This is such a juicy role, such a great idea for a film...but Depp? Oh my, am I really giving this much ink to Johnny Depp? What's become of me? Ah, term is nearly done.