Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Day in the Life of Brooklyn

Ongoing documentation of my neighbourhood in Brooklyn. I live about two blocks from the Atlantic Yards. The site of one of the most contested and potentially devestating/lucrative developments Brooklyn has seen in a century or so. The changes are rapid. Softskull Books used to be on the corner, now there's a showroom for luxury condos--already a half dozen large developments have gone up, more slated. The neighbourhood is still mixed. We're surrounded by treatment centers and Salvation Armys, but we're on the march. More on the development to come, but suffice to say that when we heard Frank Gehry was coming back to Brookyn to design the monstrosity it made it all the more confusing.

monstrosity is the operative word. The scale is massive: decidedly un-Brooklyn. It will devestate the area. Meanwhile there are some pleasant shifts. The antique stores on Atlantic have always been good, now they're just getting more and more interesting.

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