Sunday, November 27, 2005

Women Blogging Women

Back in September I posted a note that said I was likely going to end my blogging adventure. Clearly I have decided not to. There are a number of reasons why, but the most important one may be—dare I say it—a question of gender. Tired old dialogue that it is, I notice there are not enough women engaged in the discussion of poetry and poetics. Over and over again the voices seem to be male, shouting out about this or that school or lineage…deciding what is important and what not in such confident and reductive tones as to shut out the more cautious, or considered voices.

Where, one might ask, are the women? Are there still more men writing than women? I think not. So why are there more men’s voices out in the world than women’s voices? I have my theories. Look to the deletions, the hesitations, the reflective responses…the women are still out there thinking, their voices not quite up for the often bombastic and instantaneous responses. Thanks to rob mclennan, who reminded me of this fact in a post months ago either on the poetics listserv or his blog—I can’t recall—but it was a sharp reminder of the need for our presence. Also Ron Silliman for a constant consideration of these questions.

With that in mind, and for what it’s worth, I will maintain a voice here.

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