Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Life of Pepys

Ah Pepys. Here's a comment on Kinaston, the subject of the recent Stage Beauty about the moment when women began playing women on stage. Actually Pepys character was one of the highlights of this movie, played perfectly by one Hugh Bonneville, whom I have never had never heard of before, and haven't since. But doesn't the 18th Century continue to fascinate?And Pepys Diary online is no small wonder. Day after day you too can read fascinating accounts of mutton eating and cadaver visiting. Really, gripping stuff. Whoever put this online is genius. Shall we have Woolf's Diary next?
Monday 7 January 1660/61

This morning, news was brought to me to my bedside, that there had been a great stir in the City this night by the Fanatiques, who had been up and killed six or seven men, but all are fled.1 My Lord Mayor and the whole City had been in arms, above 40,000. To the office, and after that to dinner, where my brother Tom came and dined with me, and after dinner (leaving 12d. with the servants to buy a cake with at night, this day being kept as Twelfth day) Tom and I and my wife to the Theatre, and there saw “The Silent Woman.” Kinaston, the boy; had the good turn to appear in three shapes: first, as a poor woman in ordinary clothes, to please Morose; then in fine clothes, as a gallant, and in them was clearly the prettiest woman in the whole house, and lastly, as a man; and then likewise did appear the handsomest man in the house...

Coming soon on the Hound, poetry from John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, and the subject of a movie now starring one Master Johnny Depp... Hm. Never thought I would be writing, let alone see, those two names in the same sentence...

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