Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Word finds solid footing

After years of admirable flailing, Word, Toronto's monthly literary magazine, seems to be finding its footing. It's a tough job with little renumeration, but someone has to do it. This issue is a sprawling 18 pages, which may be a little hopeful in terms of pulling off every month, but this goes a little way toward filling one of the many literary gaps in Canada. And yes, Jon Paul Fiorentino, there is a number of "Angry Young Literary Men", not all of them young. But Sappho said it best: "if you're squeamish, don't poke the beach rubble", and kick any rock left out of the spotlight too long and these guys will scatter. Best let them pick themselves apart.

As for Word, I do wish the Mercury Press well. And if they're open to suggestions I would urge a bigger online presence--the pdf is okay, but isn't that problematic in terms of archiving? Looking at Canada from the outside in one gets a skewed, uneven image online. Danforth Review seems to be coming along very well, and now Rabble.ca, but where would you send someone wanting to get a generous, positive and intelligent look into Canada's Arts & Letters online?

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