Friday, January 13, 2006

Take that!

No good reason to post this Barbie shot today other than the fact that I felt like it...well that and the fact that I've probably taken close to a 1,000 Barbie shots now (here's one of the many slideshows...)...oh, and also because I'm about to complain...again. Perhaps the levity is essential. A further to, or follow up on the Danforth Review post a few days back. Here are the sad statistics of either a/ the writers who responded, or b/ the writers who were asked to respond:

Greg Hollingshead
Brent Robillard
J.J. Steinfeld
Douglas Glover
Jonathan Bennett
**Lynn Coady
**Carrie Snyder
**Emily Pohl-Weary
Peter Darbyshire
Jon Paul Fiorentino
Nathaniel G. Moore
Ibi Kaslik
Harold Hoefle
Matthew Firth
Mark Anthony Jarman
Michael Holmes
Tony Burgess (w/ Derek McCormack)
Yashin Blake
Craig Davidson
**Sharon McCartney
Nathan Whitlock
James Grainger
Tim Conley
John Lavery
Dan Wells and
Michael Bryson.

Women marked **. How is that for a gender breakdown? I'm not going to stop mentioning this till things change people!! Check out the bad stats at the Paris Review as well...

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