Sunday, January 01, 2006

Two must hear bands

New Music Canada, a feature of CBC Radio 3, absolutely rocks. I keep discovering the best music there. In fact today I had no choice but to order CDs of Broken Social Scene and Beef Terminal, both wildly ambient and quirky. Non-lyric music has become an essential part of my day, both in terms of commuting, and working. I seem to have enough words, and both of these bands offer up an amazing array of sounds and rhythms. Here’s a blurb from Toronto’s Eye Weekly about Beef Terminal’s new CD Anger Do Not Enter:
Matheson's renewed interest in cut-up-style beats and burbling, fluid melodies harkens back to his earlier affairs, but the ghostly feelings and six-string plucking that informed The Isolationist are still lurking about, making Anger an intermittently eerie and uplifting amalgamation…
These guys are fabulous—all the tracks I was able to hear online in any case. Grey Knowledge was the only CD I could get through Amazon, and it’s as wonderfully uplifting and collage like. Really, it feels as though these guys have spun a few decades up in the air and sample the very best “gestures” or “nuances” of those moments. Loved it.

Broken Social Scene
is equally burbling and playfully random—a kind of Paul Austerish approach to music if ever there was one. And now there is a label too. Noisefactory seems to have sprung up to deal with this great new sound. I haven’t been this excited about a cd since Morcheeba released Big Calm, or Saint Germaine’s Tourist, or Air's Moon Safari. Nor have I written much about music since high school—and I’m a long way from those days—but I can’t help myself. First Martha (below), and now these guys. Check it out.

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