Thursday, February 02, 2006

Carla Harryman & Heather Fuller

This was a great reading. The first time I've had the pleasure of hearing Carla Harryman after all these years of reading her. And worth the wait. She read from Baby, among other things. What fabulous word pairings. Surprising conjunctions and energy, full on, chiseled energy and lines like: "an open box invites the shadow to turn around in it...". Loved that line. So many of her lines.
I was wondering, as I listened to Fuller read, how one writes politically without it becoming dogmatic. Harryman answered my question indirectly, by example of course. So many poets turn tail and run in the face of such questions and though I enjoyed the Fuller reading, it struck me, it struck me on the head too, a kind of "thou shalt think about this". And in a room full of poets who are perhaps already thinking about this a little too much...
So, yes, Harryman who creates gaps wide enough for whole armies of poets to trot down, squirt guns in hand, shows us with lines such as: "between a word and a thing lives a little dummy hired to make sense of people...". I kept thinking of Erin Moure, and how great it would be to hear these two read in tandum. Here is a fresh way of embolding language, here, the gesture as person, the idea as brush stroke, a series of wonderous leaps upon the stage. Dynamic, yes, with room for everyone to climb on board.
That's a wonderful kind of poetic, is it not?

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