Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jason Camlot

I'm reading Attention all Typewriters at the moment, which is a pleasing read, and by that I mean, a pleasure. That there is so much pleasure and so little struggle may cause suspicion in some circles, and occasionally the one I am standing in too, though not today, not this book, and not because I'm giddy with spring air and the planting of my bathtub (the pride of any Brooklyn gardener), no, because this book is great fun, and smart too. In lieu of a review (forthcoming, but there is a line at present, and gardens too), I offer the first poem in this amicable text.

Bewildered Alexandrines

Dazed speechless baffled flabbergasted mazed misled
Dumbfounded struck rebounded rattled in the head

Blind muddled hit befuddled knocked floored blown-breathless
Strewn puzzled flipped bedazzled into nothingness

Agape bamboozled battered wrecked confused lost
Addled shook confounded fazed hazy horror-tossed

Dismayed forlorn spun whirling ruffled to the core
Thrown flustered "off" bothered perplexed looking for more

Shamed crushed embarrassed burnt cut reeling fucked
Staggering awed astounded woozy wonderstruck

Disgraced aghast disturbed astonished supefied
Afraid left in the dark bewildered but alive

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