Saturday, April 01, 2006

Canadian poetry tops sales list in US

Yes, amazing as it sounds booksellers in New York cannot keep up with the demand for Canadian poetry. Titles fly off the shelves. Even big chains like B&N have had to add new shelves to the poetry sections. "We're run ragged," one would-be novelist and full-time bookseller complained, "we've never seen anything like it..." What is it about Canadian poetry? "I think it's that wacky sense of humour," an MTA worker and poetry enthusiast mused, "I mean we have Billy Collins..."
Elsewhere several young poets set up a picket-line outside of an unnamed school. "It's just not fair," they ranted, "Canadian poets have poets inside poets, translating themselves and others. We invented open field poetics! Why can't we have all that imaginative space in our poetry?"

Enough said.

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