Sunday, April 09, 2006

Open Letter: Kenny G issue, Bowery Poetry Club

We want Kenny! Time ran out and all Kenny G. got to say was "Thanks for coming." A great afternoon of readings however, the highlight of which was hearing Bruce Andrews, a first for the Hound, and Monica de la Torre, another first. de la Torre has been archiving letters to the New York Times for the past six years or so. I'm not sure how diligently, but wow, the effect of hearing the collages move through time is wonderful. Even if there is no direct reference to the event that the letter is addressing, our collective memory connects with the concrete, and sometimes bizarre reactions. And of course the fun of juxtaposing lines like this is endless. I'm curious to see how she ends up framing and/or containing this project. Also, how each entry will work.

One thing that is clear from a series of readings of conceptual poetry: sometimes more is just more. The success of a piece might be in drawing the limitations. We might agree that Fidget is a fabulous text but do we want to read it in its entirety? Though I suppose that's not the point...Making of Americans is also a great text, though I can't make it all the way through and I don't care. It doesn't diminish my pleasure... Though I have made it through Woolf's The Waves, and many times over. So is it reasonable to assume that one can expect a sort of ingestible whole?

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