Friday, May 26, 2006

Andrea Zittel

Critical Space, now on at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, is Andrea Zittel's first major show. For over a decade she has been investigating "lifestyle" with more intensity than the average scientific mind. In fact, Zittel might be to "domesticity," what Serra is to a steelworker: the far end of the imagined possibility. Beds that slide out of cupboards, as we see in the A-Z Living Unit #21, or the A-Z Escape Vehicle. These are ideas that have lingered around in my mind for some time. Why not have beds that pull out of walls and can be tucked back in? Why not have more compact kitchens, slick ways of recombining storage space with used space? The recycling mind of the Depression era meets Art.

Somewhere out on the California desert she is, right now, coming up with new ways of inhabiting space: from daily living, to tuning out, to how we inhabit our own bodies. For anyone who has ever looked at the layout of your average apartment and thought, wow, this is just so wrong, Zittel is your girl. Not only has she thought about it, she has created new plans, and has a gallery to display them...some of which are so tempting you want to make like a gerbil and crawl in...

This weekend is your last chance: don't miss this show.

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