Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Landing, Newark

"I'm not interested in in casting material but in art that's made out of casting a glance..."
-- Robert Smithson

For every development "there has to be something equally monumental in the landscape where we have taken all this material from. I felt that Newtonian law implied a reciprocal action in nature--a hole in the ground that meets the scale of the rising of the skyscapers--and my task was to go in search of the evidence of that reciprocal action, to see what the residual world looked like."
-- Edward Burtynsky

Making literal the patterns witnessed on my commutes from Penn Station to Rutgers. Slim demarcations between pharmaceutical plants and baseball diamonds, garbage transfers and airports, refineries and cemetaries, no tax, no buffers, no tax, no clean-up, no tax, no trespassing, no movement without tolls...but movement, yes, all roads, trains, tunnels, bridges, the magnetic pull of New York...for a slideshow of NJ from the train click here.

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