Thursday, May 11, 2006

The positive power of blogging

I have been impressed with the way the poetry community in Canada has called out certain behaviours as unacceptable. The rallying around a. rawlings has been refreshing, humbling even. Part of the reason I have continued to blog, though I am often at the brink of calling it off, is that I grow tired of the lack of women's voices in the mix. The isms ( and I try to keep to just one here...) seethe under the every day, making themselves known every now and then with sudden eruptions, but they are there, daily. I grow weary of always seeing, and always pointing this out.

I want to thank rob mclennan, a person who perhaps without even knowing it, encouraged me to blog, and to begin to critique other's work, after many years of silence, of listening, mostly to the male voices around me describing the world for me--arguing one on one for sure, but not publicly. How did he do this? By talking about this on his blog, and on the poetics listserv; by working to create a more welcoming presence online, and in dialogue. Aside from calling out these behaviours, that, to my mind, is the other thing, the ongoing thing we can do. I'm not suggesting a kind of walking-on-eggshells approach, but perhaps taking the torque down a notch, advocating a little more thought between word and utterance. This shouldn't be such a daunting task given that we are after all, writers.

These blogs, have been wonderful:

and others I'm forgetting. I wonder if there was any connection between my thinking about the poetry bad boys right about now?

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