Friday, June 30, 2006

More on Community

...the individual is merely the residue of the experience of the dissolution of community. By its nature--as its name indicates, it is the atom, the indivisable--the individual reveals that it is the abstract result of a decomposition.
Jean Luc Nancy The Inoperative Community
Capitalism and fragmentation...the dissolution of community. Citizen/consumers. Borderless is not a reality (realty).
One must attempt to distinguish between two different kinds of fragmentation. On the one hand, there is the fragmentation that corresponds to the genre and art of the fragment, whose history is closing before our eyes, and on the other hand, there is the fragmentation that is happening to us, and to "art."
Jean Luc Nancy, The Sense of the World
How does this thinking play out in the physical sense of the world? When I walk the streets of Philly or New York what am I seeing? Is time playing out differently in the two worlds? Movement certainly is...

Virtual worlds purport to conflate these worlds, help us delineate/create new communities, but I have my it naive to want to touch?

Jordan Davis says Trying to understand the community of writers in its totality makes no sense unless you imagine that it's also the totality of readers, which is hopeful.

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