Thursday, June 08, 2006

Peter Viereck

Regarding the conference that went ahead without Olson, Layton had this to say:
"Viereck, I knew some of his poems that I liked, I didn't think he was an important poet, but I certainly turned out to hear him...and Auden of course." To be fair to Dudek, the notes in Line suggest that he had no recollection of this conversation with Layton, so who knows...maybe Layton didn't really want Olson either. Still, an interesting moment. As for this Viereck, I provide a note on his passing from the NY Times, which to me, seems a little terrifying. And to counter that, a chapter posted on the U Penn web site from Viereck's The Unadjusted Man: A New Hero for Americans, titled "The Dignity of Lyricism".

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