Thursday, June 01, 2006

Women and Power, Sara Diamond

Madame President. Has a ring to it, no? Sara Diamond is one of my heros, a great inspiration for women, especially women artists and writers. She has been inspiring me now for, well, over 20 years, and watching the transfer of power today at Roy Thompson Hall was no less inspiring. The language she chose to talk about her vision for OCAD was open, creative, thinking about "more", not "less," seeing problems as opportunities for innovation, not succumbing to the "age of anxiety" and its predominance of "fear as the dominant currency." We must work for a "humanity," Diamond says, "as a species able to manage its own diversity." Power is a way to fracture our fear, to recognize that the "side effects" of our paradigm shift have taken over, and that knowledge of distruptions and edge conditions provides the necessary alchemy to create an imagination economy. In concert, not competition. Love it, love you Sara.

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