Wednesday, July 26, 2006

An Apparent Event: A Second Story Anthology, ed. Mary Burger

From "The Boy Who Could Fly"
I wanted to write novels
because I wanted to know
what would happen
and why.

I wanted to know
what happens.
I wanted what happens
to be something I could know.

As if,
when he says, Oh,
naked and inside.

Does what happens
mean the thing
that happens
or is the meaning of what happens
something else again.

Is everything that happens
something else again. And
what do we call that.

--Mary Burger

from "Red"
The light fell through the glass and broke the
heart gently. I was not aware of any divergence from
the original plan. Only that the robbery was to be
smooth. And stole away did he. Now the aftermath
of thoughts which are ceaseless. A bullet through the
main artery and he had me swooning. Was this the
unthinkable five?

Red, in dictionary terms, is merely a word to be
looked up. Not spread all over the floor.
--Kristin Prevallet
I would love to post both the Burger and Prevallet texts in their entirety.
I would love to read them out loud in public.
I would love to be brave enough to hum in public too, just one note, for hours.
I would love to have endless hours to read such texts.
I would love to tell you all to go buy this anthology.
I would love to tell you all to create more texts like this, to send them my way in great herds, and trample me in my summer slumber...

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