Thursday, July 13, 2006

dada at the moma

Much of this comprehensive show at MOMA will be familiar to those familiar with DADAists. Actually walking in to the museum/gallery felt eerie (not to mention full...there was barely any room to move). And the eerie was partly about the people, but also about the odd disjunct of seeing this art in such a space, all at once, and with so many odd musings and responses (they made me delete all my photos of said faces staring...). It was not unlike the moment I was walking in Pacific Center Mall in Vancouver and heard a Talking Heads song playing in a store for the first time...eventually you heard them everywhere but not at first. What could these people be thinking, I wondered? Are they actually hearing the lyrics?
So, given the populist moment, the real surprise of the DADA show, not surprisingly I suppose, is the women. Oh, yes, women. We hear about Duchamp, but we all think of Marcel, not sister Suzanne who was a formidable talent in her own right... We don't hear enough about Hanna Hoch, and I had never heard of this Swiss woman who made puppets...

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