Friday, August 04, 2006

Bergvall does Chaucer

Curated by Charles Bernstein and hosted in part by Poets House at Fordham Lincoln Center, last Friday's night of Chaucer inspired verse was a good one. Wendy Steiner, Susan Stewart and Caroline Bergvall took on Chaucer, all in vastly different ways, but none, I have to say, quite as successful as Bergvall's four tales. Over and over again I'm impressed with Bergvall's vision, and with her ability to take such great risks--the third of her four tales contained a list of countries in which women are currently suffering sexual confinement at the hands of warring factions. This combined with her lampoon of the Pope and her usual astute language play riffing on Chaucer's already pleasing verbal play, made for a glorious and wholly original response...I'll let you know as soon as a podcast becomes available.

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