Friday, September 08, 2006

End of the week notes

Honor Code. My temporary world.

Cycling back from the college today I wound up outside the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum (which I haven't even been to yet! so much to discover!) just in time to see the motorcade pull up and who was there? Oh yes, Rocky Balboa getting a statue dedicated to him next to those very steps...what a beautiful city though. Wow. Wow.

Meanwhile back in Toronto. Thanks for the link Mark--I miss Fuse. One of the great Canadian magazines.

Dionne Brand wins Toronto Book Award for her novel What We All Long For. Brand is an exciting poet, and like many Canadian poets she shifted genres early on. While some don't go back to poery, Brand does--following up Thirsty with this year's Inventory. Now if only I could convince her to come and read in NY...

Stiff competition for the award--Howard Akler, and Alana Wilcox and Jason McBride's UTOpia: Towards a New Toronto. All great choices.

And who can tell me where Shani Mootoo is? It's been a while now...but I still love Cereus Blooms at Night. And what about The Predicament of Or? Did no one read that or was it another book that just got swallowed after 9/11?

The Fringe arrives in Philly and two shows on my list: Love Unpunished, reviewed here by the Times, and Amneisia Curiousa...

The Fringe also arrives in Vancouver--location of my first stage play. Support new playwrites. Support the Fringe. See a show. Oh, and if you're in NY Ken Urban, part of The Committe Theatre has a new play debuting tonight:
I (Heart) Kant
Tickets: $18
Call 212-352-3101 or
Friday September 8 to Monday October 2
Thursday through Monday
All shows @ 8pm, except Sunday @ 7pm
The Linhart Theater @ 440 Studios, 440 Lafayette Street, 3rd floor
Note: There are no performances on Monday September 11 or Thursday September 14.

Finally, The Met to broadcast its operas and offer podcasts both current and archival--great idea. In our age of excess it seems to be excessive and open is the only option. This way you don't have to buy a new outfit, or go to one of those insanely pricey and not that great little restaurants that surround Lincoln Center after the show...

Upcoming readings: Belladonna on Tuesday, Liz Willis in Philly on Thursday...more to come on that.

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