Sunday, September 10, 2006

Online Journals

Melancholiastremulousdreadlocks features Nathalie Stephens and rob mclennan as well as Maxine Chernoff, Aaron Belz, Brian Henry and others.

Have you checked out the latest issue of HOW2? Always provocative, always engaging, and an essential stop on the net for this poet. Check out UK poets Lydia White, and Sophie Robinson, translations of contemporary Chinese poets by Zhang Er (who also appears translated by Rachel Levitsky), Meredith Quartermain, and lots of new voices including Jenny Boully and Sarah Dowling. In the same issue a poem on the Idea of Elegy, something that is preoccupying me these days...and don't miss the special Barbara Guest memory bank.

Drunkenboat 8 is almost ready to go live...there are two features, one folio of Canadian arts & letters edited by yours truly and a fabulous oulipo folio that I'm sure will be a great online resource.

What online journals do you visit regularly?

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