Friday, October 20, 2006

Listening in on Canada

I love BBC for classical (though I'll listen to Jurgen Goethe talk about just about anything over on CBC Radio 2) but CBC's Radio 3 has it all going on at the moment. There's just a lot of fabulous new musical energy north of the border. Great weekly podcasts...sign up here.
Also, and this is random, but there's Sexsmith, Sigur Ros, and lots of great ambient stuff here including Broken Social Scene, which I am still hopelessly in love with... I hope that link works. Scroll the genres, there are lots of great playlists but the house set is really great too...and AU4 a new band out of Vancouver. All good. The amount of fantastic music out there just blows me away. Maybe I've been in poetry world too long, or too deeply?

And now I'm off on this playlist...and checking out this new site.

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