Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why I'm not discussing feminism

Wondering what happens when men speak is a lifetime occupation. All over the globe women with their heads between their knees, wondering. This is an occupation. This wondering. How do men weep? Is it like thinking? When men think is there a little pause before speaking? Why have they not changed the world, men? How many years of thinking and still there are problems. Maybe it's time to give them up? After all, men are only one half of the population. Troublesome as they may be. This is why I'm not discussing feminism. This is what it leads to.

Happily words continue to come from other places. There will be no discussing of feminism here. Anyone who wants to discuss feminism should go and read about feminism. Reading about feminism is a way into feminism. Imagining being a woman is another way into feminism. Imagining then, is feminism. Thinking is also feminism. So, there will be no arguing about feminism. After all, what is feminism? Feminism is doing. Feminism is seeing. Feminism is women being and doing. Talking about being and doing is a way to keep women from doing. Really, women need to be doing and not thinking of ways to explain to men what it is to be a woman. Men need to explain to men what it is like to be a man, or to be a woman, or to be a stone, and they must try to do this without hurling, or spearing, or other means of combat.

Who is invested in having women not doing? Suddenly everywhere people are thinking. Wow, that is what doing is. And now there is a lot of doing. And suddenly there is a lot of trying to arrange the doing into schools of doing and hierarchies of doing which is a way to assert bigger doings over small doings. But meanwhile women too are doing and they are not always good at doing in order. Therefore unruly. Therefore in need of reining in. Therefore in a big corral.

Still, if everyone is doing then men therefore are women if they are thinking and women are men if they are doing and everyone is feminist if they are seeing. So if looking then feminist. If looking is seeing. If you look and what you look at looks back, not you looking back, then feminist. Naturally things are more complicated than they seem, and naturally, quite naturally, it is time for tea.

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