Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blah, blah, blah, who's really killing poetry?

Ug. Can anyone make it through either of these postured and out of touch attempts to get at something about contemporary poetry? I mean, really, how can anyone be so verbose and say so little? And AWP is an organization that is supposed to somehow be advocating for writing? And this one! Ugh, ugh, and more ugh. Gee, could the problem be that Poetry and readers of Poetry Magazine just aren't looking around at contemporary poetry (which is thriving very much thank you very much, and largely without the help of billion dollar endowments... as it always has).
These guys are so out of touch it's staggering... I have refrained from posting on this for an impressive length of time. I refrained when I got a long, insipid letter outlining how remarkable Poetry Magazine was and how it had resuscitated poetry under the editorship of Christian Wiman, but I can hold my tongue no longer. BLACH!

Excuse me while I go attempt to keep my dinner down.

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