Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Birthday This Magazine

This Magazine is 40! In the birthday issue, the iconic Canadian magazine of youth/left/hipster politics out of Toronto offers up 40 Big Ideas we need to know about. Here's a snippet from the ubiquitous Clive Thompson. Let the revolution begin. Or is this not what Hilary Clinton was talking about last night?
A few years ago, Merlin Mann hit the wall.

The San Francisco web developer was completely disorganized. He was juggling five projects at work, and to try and keep the chaos in check, he produced endless to-do lists, rolodexes full of phone numbers, and calendar reminder-notes. As things spiralled more and more out of control, he desperately tried ever more organizational technology: A Palm Pilot, Microsoft Outlook, anything else his high-tech friends recommended. “But nothing really worked,” he admits, because as most of today’s office drones know, those personal data organizers—or PDAs—are usually more hassle than they’re worth. With all the typing in of notes, synching to your laptop, and sitting there while it harangues you with reminders, you become a slave to the machine.

So Mann threw the technology out the window, and started with a fresh idea: Pen and paper. He bought a stack of 3’’ by 5’’ index cards, and fastened a few dozen together with a big alligator clip. Now whenever he needs to remember something or make a to-do list, he just pulls out a Sharpie marker and writes it down. There’s nothing to synch, no batteries to recharge—just an incredibly elegant “device for capturing and sharing information.”

He even gave it a name: The “Hipster PDA.”

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