Saturday, November 18, 2006

Kate Greenstreet

Kate Greenstreet's reading on Thursday night was a breath of fresh air. Yes, the Hound finally made up to Kelly Writers House on the Penn campus, 3508 Locust Walk, for the Emergency Reading Series. Featuring Kate along with Jason Zuzga and Noah Eli Gordon.

Gordon's assaultive approach to reading is intense, energetic, almost compulsive and I wish I had been twice as far back from him (as it was I was already at the back of the room). He has tremendous energy and am now curious to encounter his texts in the silence of my own room. But for me, Kate was the highlight of the evening. Her work is completely out of step, not trying to do anything but be itself, and itself is a methodically-paced 37 degree, now 49 degree musing on the state of being human. The perspective in her poems is always a little off in just the right way. I felt as wonderfully disoriented in fact as I had by the time I got to the top floor of the Guggenheim at the Zaha Hadid show.

Otherwise, excellent to talk to Nick Montfort about Autostart, which I missed (just one of the KWH events missed due to weekly trips to NYC). Montfort and Stephanie Strickland are two people who I need more of. Meanwhile I have this to dip into, though the pile of books I've been meaning to post on has not diminished...and I better hurry. There is a time-limit on this blog and it is running out.

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