Thursday, November 09, 2006

News Round Up

Alice Notley is everywhere (Kelly Writers House, Cue Gallery, Poets House, Cuny) at the moment, and I keep missing her! Well, I did hear her read an Allen Ginsberg poem but it's not the same... Also three books in one year, phew, and I have none of them...yet.

Next week in NYC a Festival of Contemporary Japanese Women Poets sponsored by belladonna, Poets House, The Bowery, and Litmus Press.

Is this guy really the greatest living poet? Why am I laughing? Is it funny? Should I be laughing? I'm so confused...

Meanwhile in Non-literary News:

Three blind mice regain sight. No, really, scientists successfully restore vision.

Dismantling industry in the forest, BC Lumber Mills not what they used to be.

Snakes in the pulpit: ouch. Woman dies from snake handling in Kentucky church.

Meanwhile in South Africa man bites deadly snake and lives...

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