Saturday, December 02, 2006

looking at art in madison

There was a sol lewitt show at the beautiful contemporary art gallery in madison ( I spent an extra 24 hours there this weekend due to a bit of weather in the midwest. If 12 inches of snow can cause that much trouble in a city like Chicago that gets "weather" every year, I wonder what some of the real extremes of weather we have in store for us will do?? ). Thank God for art, that's all I can say. Aside from the lewitt they had art that he had collected from other artists over the years. A potentially intersting idea but somehow not that interesting...though he had an Eva Hesse and a Chuck Close. But I did enjoy seeing the repetitions and variations and in general I think there are few places I'd rather spend an afternoon than a gallery. And this one is is the view from the 3rd floor looking down State Street in Madison.
Oh, yes, I read with Peter O'Leary and got to meet Ray Hsu finally. Excellent. Came away with a book of Ronald Johnson's--something I've been wanting for a while now. Peter O'Leary is Johnson's literary executor. The book Shrubberies, is gorgeous.

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