Thursday, April 26, 2007

Andreas Hofer at Metro Pictures

Usually I prefer to write about artists that have either moved, or inspired me, but that can't happen all the time. Andreas Hofer's recent show at Metro Pictures, for example, did not inspire. Munich born Hofer's New York debut consisted of largely dark and as the press release describes it, "haunting and hallucinogenic." The only haunting aspect to this work was been there done that, and probably in a high school art class. Atilla Lukacs work from the early 90s was more interrogatory than this. Perhaps it's that "skillfull" moving "between mediums," that speaks. The title painting, "Only Gods could survive" (2006) which depicts what looks like a Tarzan figure facing a mountainous past, or future, reminds me a little of William Blake. That the nominal artist signs his name "Andy Hope," is charming, but all in all this show failed to inspire simply because it all seemed so familiar.

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