Monday, April 30, 2007

Max Hirshfield, One shot

I came across Max Hirshfield's One Shot project in the amazing Eyemazing magazine. He does one-shot street photography with willing participants who face the camera--I love this idea, the endless array of people, their shapes, sizes, patterns of clothes, contrasting with backgrounds. One gets a sense of the grand staginess of our daily world, the carnivalesque and the midway of the city street, the shopping bags, the stripes and plastics, and the willingness of passersby to be in on the game. Hishfield's images include the the rough seams of wall meeting sidewalk, blouse meeting skirt, hairline meeting brows, etc...fabulous. These remind me of the street photographers of the 1950s, which I'm very keen on collecting if anyone comes across them. What I'm most envious of however, is Hirshfield's ability to meet so many people, and to have that exchange with each.

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