Thursday, May 03, 2007

Seminal: The Anthology of Canada's Gay Male Poets

Launching on May 10th in Vancouver, published by Arsenal and co-edited by John Barton & Billeh Nickerson, this is a welcome text and I wish I could be there to celebrate. While reading for Open Field I was struck by how few gay male poets we have in Canada--gay male playwrights, many of them, many great ones, and I could think of some great fiction writers too, but poets? Of course we have them! I know, I know, but for some reason there just isn't the sort of gay male presence in the poetry scene the way there has been a female presence. (Though, really, given the percentage there aren't that many of either. )
In any case, kudos to the editors, both fine poets themselves. Poems from John Barton appeared in the feature on Canadian writing I edited for Drunken Boat last year, and Billeh appeared in the anthology Smoking Lung, and has since published The Asthmatic Glassblower. I'm eager to see the list, selections, the range of poetics (and ages!), and I know from reading and chatting at the Gay & Lesbian Center in Chelsea last month, that the guys are eager to see some Canadian representation.

Oh, I didn't mention that Lemon Hound is a Lambda finalist this year? As is Touch to Affliction. Inroads, Canadians inroads. Actually Lambda is one list that Canadian writers do seem to appear on every now and then. So thanks Lambda.

Oh, and did you all see the Queering Language issue of eoagh that ca conrad, tim peterson and erica kaufman edited and which the Hound read at the launch of here in Philly and all sorts of fun was had? And at which I met Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian finally (see below), and all sorts of other poets too? A few of which you can see here.
Dodie & Kevin by LH, Robin's, March 2007

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