Friday, June 08, 2007

Ubu Spring & Poetry Foundation

Wow, Ubu just keeps getting more and more amazing. They've posted a pdf of Monique Wittig's Les Guérillères (1969), Rosmarie Waldrop's Shorter American Memory, and others including Bruce Andrews Divestiture - A (1994), Steve Benson The Ball // 30 Times in 2 Days (2005), Maurice Blanchot The Last Man (1957), Mairéad Byrne SOS Poetry (2007), Terence Gower & Mónica de la Torre Appendices, Illustrations & Notes (1999), Dick Higgins Horizons (1984), Bernard Nöel The Outrage Against Words (1978), Severo Sarduy Big Bang (1973), Claude Simon Properties of Several Geometric or Non-Geometric Figures (1971), Rosemarie Waldrop Shorter American Memory (1988), Robert Wilson A Letter For Queen Victoria: An Opera (1974).

Speaking of Kenny...Mr. Goldsmith is shaking it up over there at the Poetry Foundation. Something is going on. They've published Mr. Behrle too (who I happen to think is pretty funny), and this month they published Charles Bernstein...not just on the blog but in the hallowed pages. Hm, are we hearing something cracking open...

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