Saturday, August 25, 2007

Anne Sexton and Saturday thoughts

I've been reading and thinking about Anne Sexton these days--this is part of an ongoing project I'm loath to discuss, but suffice to say, she is the vein of gold in this genre of poetry. And now of course, you can see and hear her thanks to youtube. And Plath! And Bishop! Well, take a listen to Susan Howe interviewing Bishop...very interesting to hear Bishop describe things. So offhand. And dismissive. This a trait in both her letters, which I've just re-read, and in her work. She just dismisses... How odd it is that the so-called avant garde, or experimental poets (Howe, Bernstein, Silliman, Moure, Bowering, etc...) seem to have such appreciation for, and understanding of, other approaches to poetry while more formalist poets seem to slam the door on anything remotely other.

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