Friday, August 31, 2007

filling station, issues 37 & 38

Issue 37 includes short fiction and poetry from Sachiko Murakami, Jessica Grant, Ryan Bird, and others, as well as an intriguing interview with Sheila Heti by Melanie Little in which we learn about Ticknor, "faux naive" (a term I suspect was coined by what I call the "faux sincere")
The highlights of Issue 38 are the interviews: Robert Majzels on writing, politics, translation, and oil, Michael Holmes on wrestling, reviewing, and the woes of the slushpile, Gregory Betts on sound, language (of course!), McCaffery, and Jacqueline Turner on the west coast versus Australian poetry scene, her book Seven into Even, and the post-lyric (really, we need to talk about that.). There are also poems from the interviewees.

Why isn't this magazine online?? I could click click and you would all be introduced. As it is you will have to go here and subscribe and I continue to lament the lack of a decent online Canadian literary presence.

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