Thursday, October 18, 2007

GG Finalists announced this week. The poetry list is a fairly good mix. Dennis Lee is the Hound's choice--particularly since he should have been nominated for Un a few years back. Congrats to Rob Winger, and though I am an Atwood fan...

Congrats to Erin Moure and Robert Majzels for landing on the translation list with Nicole Brossard's Notebook of Roses and Civilization. This is a great list, including Nigel Spencer for his translation of Marie-Claire Blais' Augustino and the Choir of Destruction.

The fiction list is fairly safe: Michael Ondaatje, Barbara Gowdy, M.G. Vassanji, but welcome David Chariandy, Heather O’Neill....

Germany has a poetry jet set? Move over Manhattan. To the right, Toronto.

The ubiquitous Stephen Burt takes a look at Elizabeth Treadwell's Birds & Fancies and Canadian poet Mary Dalton's The Red Ledger in The Believer.

The other Simic. CBC interviews Canadian poet Goran Simic.

What's selling in Canada?

And what about short fiction? Over at Maud Newton's there is much hullabaloo about Stephen King's dissing of the literary form of the story and attendant journals. I haven't seen his selection for Best American Short Story yet, but imagine that Lydia Davis, or any unconventional writers for that matter, aren't in it.

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